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Meet your host...

Pierre Bernard Jr.

Pierre is a graphic designer and illustrator with experience working in print and television. He is also known for his numerous appearances on Conan O’Brien’s NBC "Late Night" show and "Conan" shows on TBS.

Pierre’s fascination with Life Drawing started at the High School of Art and Design in New York. He focused on drawing real people - his fellow students - and it carried into college at the Parsons School of Design, as well as additional classes at Pratt Fashion Institute and the School of Visual Arts where he often sat in as a guest student.

Throughout his entire commercial career, especially on weekends, he could be found early in the mornings at drawing workshops with other artists somewhere in Greenwich Village. He was usually the youngest person in the room, but it never stopped him from doing what he loved: drawing people.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, he was starting to become a regular at the Society of Illustrators and the Art Student League.

Once he moved to California, Life Drawing took on a whole new meaning in his life. Life Drawing was more than just an activity people did to refine their drawing skills, it was also a social activity. Pierre fully embraced it, and could often be found after work hours and on weekends drawing somewhere.

He was so inspired that he published a book of some of the drawings from his first 3 years in Los Angeles called, “18x24 And Other Sizes.” Pierre then had a book signing at which he had costumed models - that was the start of Cosplay Life Drawing.

Since then he has hosted drawing events at Barnes & Noble book stores, two art galleries in New York, several local comic conventions in California, and Atlanta’s Dragon Con.

Life Drawing is evolving into a lifestyle for Pierre, and it's one he is eager and happy to share.

Come Draw!

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