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So you might be saying to yourself,
"Why should I try Life Drawing? I can’t draw!”

The reality is everyone can draw!

Step back to those early years of your life - you, a box of crayons and paper. Remember how easy it was to express yourself? Your sky could be pink, car could have wings, or your unicorn could have feet; it didn’t matter. It was your drawing, your thoughts, and you had fun creating something imaginative.

Back to today, a few trips to museums, or maybe you know someone who makes a living drawing commercially, and it’s at that moment you create the crazy thought in your mind, “I can’t draw!”


Comparing yourself to someone who makes a commercial living drawing is like comparing your morning jog to an Olympic runner. Maybe you’ll be as fast someday, maybe you won’t. It shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a run. It’s the same with drawing.

Like riding a bike, your ability to draw and be creative is in you, you just need to believe and allow yourself to have fun. It will all come back.

And did you know that drawing or creating any kind of art can reduce stress? Numerous papers have been written about the positive effects creating art has on people. Art therapy is a real treatment for mental health.*

It is also a great way to meet and make new friends and maybe… even find the love of your life. It has happened at a “Cosplay Life Drawing!” event (Pierre, the matchmatcher, who knew?)


Life drawing is basic problem solving. You have a model in front of you, and you have to come up with a unique way to express what you are seeing on paper. This is really as simple as it sounds, no trickery to it. Let your curiosity take over and attend an event. See what happens.

One of Pierre’s favorite lines of encouragement goes as follows, “When it comes to drawing and creating art, we are all X-Men with different degrees of power, I am Charles Zavier, I am just here to help you release and realize your abilities.”

Cosplay Life Drawing, Bring life drawing to the masses, One event at a time!

In 2016 Pierre hosted a life drawing event for a Girls Scout troop in Long Beach, CA. He created the document, "Life Drawing Made Easy!"
Everyone earned their Art Badges that day.

If you'd like a PDF copy of the file to help you figure out how to get started, send in your request below.

Still feeling a bit unsure
about your drawing abilities?


Thanks! Message sent.

Tried it...
Loved it...
Want to do more!

Tried your hand at drawing from life and enjoyed it so much that you're looking for more, check out L.A. Gallery Girls. Run by Jennifer Fabos Paton, you'll run out of art supplies before running out of interesting people to draw!



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